Case Study 1

Professional Guitar Echo Pedal

We were approached by our client in the very early stages  of his project; initially he came to us wanting a PCB manufactured and programmed with his own software so that he could install it into metalwork.

We worked closely and diligently with our client at every step of the way to ensure we were delivering exactly what he had in mind.  It was during the development stage that we identified that our client was looking to have the unit assembled and for a simple website to be made in order to market the Echo pedal to potential buyers around the world.  It soon became apparent that we could do far more for our client and he readily agreed.

We were able to identify and work with metalwork suppliers to ensure top quality accurate supply.  From here we arranged to assemble and quality control the production at our own premises.

We worked with our own packaging and design suppliers to produce high quality packaging that would protect the Echo pedal in the courier system anywhere in the world. We also worked closely with one of the top Kent graphic designers to produce a retail sleeve that was not only good looking but wholly in sympathy with the product.

At every stage we were in close contact with our client via meetings, telephone calls, Skype and email.

As the product came to final conclusion our client decided to take advantage of our “Platinum” package and allowed us to be the entire customer interface with his customers.  We now manage all emails, calls, picking packing and dispatch to every corner of the guitar playing world.

Quote from Charlie Hall

“I have been delighted with the professionalism of Electromech Assemblies in every way.  From day one they were engaging, accurate and timely in everything they have done for me. I entrusted the team not only with every facet of my product but also with my customers and I have been absolutely delighted with the result and so are my customers.”

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