Case Study 2

Remote Community Care Project

Our clients came to us when their project was already a long way down the development path.  They were looking for a PCB manufacturer who could make and populate a PCB and then programme it with their software.  The aim was to keep this crucial part of the project away from the Far East supplier and in so doing protecting their software and design.

We were able to work with them and mesh our part of the project neatly into what had already been developed.  As we moved on we were able to offer assembly in the UK along with full QA test and inspection.  As the project went into production we also offered a fully tracked Europe wide distribution at highly competitive rates taking away another burden from our client.

As the project progresses we are able, if the client desires, to arrange bulk Far East production through our contacts so that they can take full advantage of the many benefits of cross continent production.

Quote from Matthew Simmonds

“We have been really pleased with the team at Electromech Assemblies and wish we had found them far earlier in our project as it would have saved a lot of time and heartache. I would recommend that any new start up looking for professional help in a wide range of areas should contact Electromech as soon as possible.”

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